Sponsorship Packages

Calling All Supporters

Join Us in Making Summer Extra Fun for the Kids

Help Make This Summer Unforgettable

We believe that every child deserves a summer filled with fun, growth, and new experiences. That’s why we’re seeking sponsors like you to help us enhance the Pincourt Aquatic Club’s offerings and create a summer they’ll treasure forever.

By contributing to our cause, you’ll enable us to provide additional resources, exciting activities, and valuable training opportunities for our talented swimmers. Your support will not only make their summer more enjoyable but also empower them to develop essential life skills, foster team spirit, and cultivate a love for aquatic sports.

We believe that together, we can make this summer extraordinary for our young aquatic enthusiasts. Your generosity will not only support their personal growth but also contribute to the overall well-being and happiness of our vibrant community.

Introducing Our Sponsorship Packages

At the Pincourt Aquatic Club, we cherish the support of our sponsors as they enable us to continue our journey in aquatic excellence. We are excited to introduce our sponsorship packages, designed to offer you a range of exclusive benefits and opportunities to become an integral part of our aquatic community. Choose the level of sponsorship that aligns with your commitment and passion for water sports.

Freestyle Level Sponsor


Dive into our Freestyle Level Sponsorship and become a valued supporter of the Pincourt Aquatic Club

Backstroke Level Sponsor


Make waves as a Backstroke Level Sponsor, playing a crucial role in helping the Pincourt Aquatic Club achieve its goals.

Butterfly Level Sponsor


Soar to new heights with our Butterfly Level Sponsorship, the pinnacle of support for the Pincourt Aquatic Club.