Butterfly Level Sponsor – $1000

  • Logo and recognition on the Pincourt Aquatic Club’s website.
  • Social media mentions and recognition, showcasing your unwavering commitment.
  • Distribution of promotional materials at our sponsored events.
  • Verbal acknowledgment during community events and outreach programs.
  • Inclusion of your logo in emails and newsletters sent to our family members.
  • The opportunity to distribute coupons or advertisements.
  • Special recognition at our prestigious end-of-year swim team gala.
  • Display of your sponsor’s banner at our pool facility (maximum size 3×2 ft)
  • The chance to participate in community events and outreach programs.
  • Prominent logo placement on the club’s website homepage and all promotional materials.
  • The unique opportunity to provide branded giveaways or product samples to our club members.
  • Join us in making waves within the Pincourt Aquatic Club community. Your support is invaluable in helping us continue our mission of promoting water sports and excellence.

Contact us

If you or your company are interested in this sponsorship package, please reach out to us at communications@clubpac.org.