Aquatic Adventures Await: Dive into Our Exciting Programs!

The City of Pincourt, in collaboration with the Pincourt Aquatic Club, offers several aquatic courses intended for both children and adults.

Online registration via Sport-Plus or by telephone at 514 453-8981 ext. 229

Residents: Registration is from April 15 to June 21

*Non-residents: Registration is from June 1 to June 21 (Limited places)


We are delighted to announce that our swimming lessons from Parent and Child levels up to Swimmer 3 are now free! Learn to swim and stay safe this summer. Possibility of 1 free lesson maximum per child. The swimming lesson schedule has been optimized to better adapt to citizen demand. Parent-Child classes 3 to swimmer 6 for children take place once a week only. Swim for Life program requirements will be respected at all times. Classes will begin on Saturday June 22 for a duration of 8 weeks.

Aquatic Course Descriptions – 2024

Download our detailed course information and schedule.

Descriptions des cours aquatiques – 2024

Téléchargez nos informations détaillées sur les cours et notre calendrier.